Flex Edge Milling Machine - LWW 2016VR

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- FLEX Metal composite housing: endurance tested and robust
- FLEX four-fold full-wave electronics: with speed selection and consistent speed control, soft start, overload protection.
- Aluminum guide carriage: with plastic balls for easy control, corrosion-protected
- GFCI operator protector circuit breaker: integrated in cord
- Quick-action, brass coupling: for 1/2" lego connector for water hoses
- Tool fixture: G 1/2" spindle thread
- Quality shut-off carbon brushes: Protects the motor against damage

LWW 2106 VR is the "heavy duty" two-handed edge milling machine from FLEX. It is designed to handle up to 1-3/4" thick granite slabs. This product is ideally suited to round edges of larger natural stone surfaces (countertops, tables or double basin kitchen sink holes). LWW 2106 VR is a portable tool yet has the power and flexibility of conventional stationary CNC machines. Thanks to well-balanced ergonomics and the easy glide of the plastic balls in the aluminium guide carriage the machine is easily controlled. Caution: For safety reasons, this unit should be operated only in conjunction with the GFCI operator protection

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